Saffy's reviews:

"The food in Saffy's (5/5) was excellent, it was great value for money (5/5) and the toilets (5/5) were immaculate. What more do you want? If you've got friends and relatives in Australia, Canada or New Zealand, I bet you could coax them back to Burns' country for Homecoming 2009 with the promise of a visit to Saffy's. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed."
Tam Cowan, Daily Record

What they said about Chef/Proprietor Douglas Smith:

"The magnet is the cooking of Douglas Smith." "Sauces - possibly the toughest test for any chef - seem to be one of Smith's great strengths." "His glossy, shiny, almost emulsified chocolate tart was fabulous."
Joanna Blythman, Sunday Herald

"Smith is fond of strong flavours and there was nothing shy about his smoked haddock, sealed with rarebit on a tomato salad."
Neil MacLean, Sunday Times

"(Douglas Smith's) light cod tempura could so easily have been a greasy chipshop affair but turned out to be a joy, the sort of dish that stays in your mind for weeks - for all the right reasons."
Restaurants guide, Sunday Herald

"Douglas Smith's cooking is largely spot on. His main courses confirm what you've been thinking: that this is careful cooking, with an emphasis on familiar combinations of flavours."
Elisabeth Mahoney, The Herald

"Chef Douglas Smith masterfully mixes local produce with international style to produce some quite exquisite dishes."
Tom Little, Scotland on Sunday